Some Great Tips to Improve Your Dog's Recall

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These are my dogs Cody and Daisy they are Australian Shepherd dogs.

Courtesy of Eric Letendre:

"1. Always set your dog up for success when you are teaching this command. Make sure your dog will come to you when you give the command, “Come.”

2. Make it fun. If your dog thinks there is going to be a game when she gets to you, she is much more likely to come to you when you call.

3. Reward your dog for coming. Once your dog gets to you, you should give a treat, toy or play a game.

4. Never punish your dog for coming to you.

5. Let your dog develop a sense of freedom. Most dogs don’t come because they are always confined. This can be difficult for some dogs. A fenced in softball field is a good place to do this.

6. Use meal times to practice the recall command.

7. Practice doing this command with dogs that already are good at coming when called.

8. Use a clicker to teach the recall command (see video).

9. Have your friends help you (see video).

10. Play tug as soon as your dog gets to you.

11. Hide somewhere in your house and call your dog. This will quickly teach your dog the word “Come.”

12. Use a long line.

13. Call your dog and then run AWAY from him. This will draw him to you as you move away. Reward and repeat.

14. Put a few treats in your pocket. Standing in front of your dog, back up a few steps and call your dog. Once your dog gets to you, reach down and hold the collar. Take out a treat and reward. Repeat the process.

15. Keep recall training sessions short. If you keep repeating this command, your dog will get bored. Always keep your dog excited about doing the recall command.

16. Use treats your dog really likes. Milk Bones usually don’t cut it. Use high powered treats like hot dogs or cheese."

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