Amazing Story of the tallest Great Dane Animal in the World!

Great Dane's personality

Is a giant mastiff-type, but more elegant in build
Has an easy-care coat that comes in a variety of colors
Is usually easy going and mild-mannered. Needs only moderate exercise
Looks imposing, and impressive, yet is usually non-aggressive with people.

Is the Great Dane dog good with kids?

This dog is very affectionate and is capable of great loyalty. He is very good with children, Although a gentle animal, requires plenty of room to exercise due to its great size. They are a wonderful breed. They are guardian dogs but at times can be very dominant.They are very playful and protective of their people.

Amazing Animal Whisperer Photos Part 2

Other amazing photos of the Animal Whisperer with wild animals.

Amazing Animal Whisperer Photos

From the heart of Africa come these amazing photos of a man who is not afraid of wildlife!

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Amazing Animal Story and Much More!

Something Amazing: A lion, a tiger and bear sharing a home in peace.

You have to watch this, a dog that walks up the stairs

Amazing Louie Dog

10 Week Old St. Bernard: Mad Pottying Skills

Training Videos for Dogs

Friends: Here are some videos to help you train your dog, and groom them yourself.

How to Groom Long-Haired Dogs : Using Scissors when Grooming a Shaggy-Haired Dog

Dog Training Heel Command 1

Dog Training Heel Command 2

Funniest Dogs Video

I would like to share with you today this funny video.

Fun Things to Do with Your Cat

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Cute Pet Videos

In this post I would like to share with you some videos and articles that will show you the fun side of owning a pet and how intelligent animals really are!

Look at this smart bulldog skateboarding!

Another catcerto by Nora the Piano-playing Tortie

Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops

Commuter cat is star of bus route

If you crochet, here are some cute free patterns for your dog and cat:

Hot Dog Puppy Coat

Cat Nip Mouse

Dog Sweater

Fishy Fishy Cat Toy

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This is my dog Cody, a healthy and happy Australian Shepherd

This is Daisy my loving Aussy biscuit eater!

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