Amazing Story of the tallest Great Dane Animal in the World!

Great Dane's personality

Is a giant mastiff-type, but more elegant in build
Has an easy-care coat that comes in a variety of colors
Is usually easy going and mild-mannered. Needs only moderate exercise
Looks imposing, and impressive, yet is usually non-aggressive with people.

Is the Great Dane dog good with kids?

This dog is very affectionate and is capable of great loyalty. He is very good with children, Although a gentle animal, requires plenty of room to exercise due to its great size. They are a wonderful breed. They are guardian dogs but at times can be very dominant.They are very playful and protective of their people.

Amazing Animal Whisperer Photos Part 2

Other amazing photos of the Animal Whisperer with wild animals.

Amazing Animal Whisperer Photos

From the heart of Africa come these amazing photos of a man who is not afraid of wildlife!

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