Australian Shepherd Is a Great Dog!

These are my Aussies. Daisy the female dog (left) and Cody the male dog (right)

Probably most of you know that the Australian Shepherd are not from Australia. There has been many rumors that "they are probably a remnant of the lost continent of Atlantis". Aussies as they call them in Australia were first introduced from the Basque region in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France, just as the Great Pyrenee dog. These colorful little dogs have been used for herding cattle and they are very popular in the United States. They are good dogs, very loving and protective. They learn very fast, and they do what the master says. Another characteristic is that they are territorial, they do have a very strong sense of boundaries and they protect their family from intruders. Another quality they have is they are high-energy dogs. They need to exercise, and want to be with their owners, spend time with them, teach them tricks or play with them.

I have so much to say about Aussies because I have a male and a female. I will probably continue talking about them. I hope you plan about purchasing an Aussie and learn a lot about them. They are fun to have around. I love my Aussies, they are wonderful dogs!

Cat Training Tips

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How to Keep your dog's coat silky

Washing a dog periodically can keep his or her coat silky and shining. I have two Australian Shepherd dogs male and female. Cody the male dog's coat is more difficult to keep silky than Daisy the female girl. Bath is important, nutrition,enough protein in their diet. As you know the Aussie or Australian Shepherd dog's coat is medium to long in length and it has beautiful combination of colors from white, black, beige, including the rare blue merle. I have learned through a difficult process that my dogs don't like to bath but I do it in such a way that they accept it. It's important to wash them often but keep in mind that Shampooing the dog too often can result in the coat being stripped of the natural oils it has to keep it shiny and healthy. I will have more ideas on how to keep your dog looking beautiful.

Puppy's First Bath

If you have just become the proud parent of your first puppy and don't know how to bathe him or her in a way that will not be traumatic to both of you, here are some ideas: