How to Keep your dog's coat silky

Washing a dog periodically can keep his or her coat silky and shining. I have two Australian Shepherd dogs male and female. Cody the male dog's coat is more difficult to keep silky than Daisy the female girl. Bath is important, nutrition,enough protein in their diet. As you know the Aussie or Australian Shepherd dog's coat is medium to long in length and it has beautiful combination of colors from white, black, beige, including the rare blue merle. I have learned through a difficult process that my dogs don't like to bath but I do it in such a way that they accept it. It's important to wash them often but keep in mind that Shampooing the dog too often can result in the coat being stripped of the natural oils it has to keep it shiny and healthy. I will have more ideas on how to keep your dog looking beautiful.

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